Yarn Harlot sighting

Yesterday my friend Jeanne and I went to Doylestown to see the Yarn Harlot at the Doylestown Bookshop. We had a great time, and I was so excited to see her in person. My first encounter with a celebrity! And Ms. Pearl-McPhee is the best kind of celebrity...she's humble and down-to-earth. We were charmed by her talk and my cheeks hurt from all of the laughing. Even my "muggle" non-knitting friend truly enjoyed herself.

Look, here's proof I was there (she very graciously posed with anyone who wanted a photo):

The Yarn Harlot and me

Another first for me...I now have a signed copy of a book! I brought along my copy of her latest bookbookbook Knitting Rules!. I also made a small donation to Tricoteuses Sans

Frontières/Knitters Without Borders. I snagged the button and it's there on my sidebar now. A really great cause.

And now for something completely random.

I took this picture after my cat Maddie decided to thwart my efforts to not get cat hair on my sweater by crawling up inside it to take a nap. I had draped it on an almost vertical throw pillow on the sofa, but she got in there anyway. This is the view looking into the neck of the sweater, after she'd crawled in from the bottom (her nose is way over on the left):

Maddie in the sweater

Maddie in the Gray Sweater

So there you go. Back again soon with lots of pink and purple yarn. Yummy.