Lots of knitting, almost no blogging

Hmm. Well, no blogging since April. I got a little lax about it, since I don't think anyone reads this anyway. But I have decided I don't really care. I'll update it when I see fit. And I think I'll just use this for knitting content.

This page is way out of date for my WIPs...amazingly so. But I sure have been knitting.

My biggest accomplishment of late was my Sitcom Chic. I am very pleased with how it came out, although I had to change my plans for it a bit. Since the yarn(s) I chose for it ended up making it very thick, I decided it was no longer going to be a summer sweater. Additionally, the sleeves ended up being longer than 3/4...they were sort of too long to be 3/4 and too short to be full length. I fixed this issue by modifying them. I picked up stitches around the cuff and worked some 2x2 ribbing to both lengthen them and draw them in a little, since they were wide sleeve cuffs in their previous life. So here's my new cuff:

See? I don't think it turned out too badly. Now it will be a nice sweater to wear in the wintertime...I am thinking it'll be great for New Year's Eve or something.

Here are a couple more detail shots of the front of the sweater. I LOVED the eyelet detail of this sweater, and I loved knitting the raglan-style sleeves. So fun.

Back soon, with more photos of finished objects, and soon I'll update my sidebar of WIPs.