Satisfied customer

I must say, there's just something so fun and satisfying about getting yarn in the mail. Can't even say exactly what it is, but opening a box that's on your doorstep to find yarn in it is just too fun.

I love my new yarn. I love the choices I made (turns out, the color accuracy on their website/my monitor was spot on) and am very pleased. Though I am excited to start knitting with it, I am going to hold off and just admire it for now, since there are way too many things going on right now. And I don't mean just knitting, since I actually have my WIPs under control. It's Life In General that has me frazzled. Our new house and the changes we're making and the self-imposed deadline of moving day is what has me all worked up. But we're making progress, however slowly.

Speaking of progress though, I took my Sitcom Chic sweater along this past weekend on our road trip up north and managed to get a bit of it done. What I thought was going to be an endless stretch of knitting (200+ stitches per row is a lot) is actually coming along. I'm at inch 11 and need to go to 14.5, so there's definite light at the end of the tunnel. And the best part is that once I get to 14.5 I get to put that on hold and cast on for the sleeves. Yay! I am so looking forward to the 50 stitches instead of 200+. I will post pictures soon.


Yarn from Cyberspace

Some yarn will be arriving at my house soon, from cyberspace. Yay! Yes, this is indeed a momentous day. I placed my first online order for yarn. I am very excited about this and already I can't wait till it arrives.

The site: KnitPicks. The yarn: well, two actually. In three colors.

Firstly, I got some of this sock yarn, Dancing, in this color, called Ballet (I just love the pink and purple):

KnitPicks Dancing yarn - Ballet

(Just so we're clear, that's not my sock, it's the sample color picture from their website. I'm not that fast. Especially considering I don't have the yarn yet.)

Then I decided to be brave and try something new: I got some lace yarn, for the purpose of knitting some real lace, a first for me. I have decided to try my hand(s) at knitting a lace scarf. So here's my plan. I am going to try this pattern, Branching Out from Knitty, because it says it has an "easy, leaf-motif lace pattern" so we're hoping that's true. I decided to get two colors, since I liked the looks of them and their descriptions, and couldn't decide. Oh, the yarn you say? It's Alpaca Cloud, in these colors:

KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud - PeppermintPeppermint

KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud - MistMist

Don't they look fun? Now that fall is here (though only on the calendar...the actual weather needs a bit of work) I will be excited to work on a scarf. I do plan on finishing off some of the other things I have going first, but this will also be a very different project/pattern from anything else, and therefore, allowed.

Speaking of other projects, I am making some headway on the black sweater. I have done several inches and even though it's not the easiest stockinette around (holding two yarns together that each want to split) I am finally making some progress. So I have updated my progress bar at the right to reflect that. I might be more than 20% along but I am being cautiously optimistic. Though I am of course enjoying this project (as with any knitting), it is one of those that will be fun to have and wear and so it is one I am anxious to finish. But we're not quite there yet.