Sock #2 nearing completion

Had a nice weekend with some time to knit! There was no threat to my knitting by other things I should have been doing, like going through things in preparation for our move, and that's because my husband and I spent a weekend away at a wedding of one of his good friends. A very lovely wedding! And since we went for the rehearsal on Friday and the wedding wasn't until 3pm on Saturday, we had some relaxing time in the morning and so I had some nice time to knit.

I'd taken along the socks I'm working on, and I made some good headway on the second one. I turned the heel and did all of the picking up of stitches and then the gussets, and now I'm in the home stretch part of the foot.

I have decided that I really want to finish off some things I have going. So on the list of things I want to finish soon are:

So that's my plan. I want to get these little things out of my way so I can concentrate on other stuff, like the sparkly black Sitcom Chic sweater.

I have also decided to try and keep my WIPs down to a minimum (every now and then I get this urge) and really make the effort to try and keep just a few on the needles, including one more involved project, and one "mindless" project that's good for travel, etc., like a scarf or socks. In this case, once I finish the socks, then the wavy scarf will become that project. A little part of me has always been bothered by having little, slightly boring projects going, but now I have a new way of looking at it, which is, there is nothing wrong with having a nice travel project around that I can just grab and go! So that's my plan.

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