Sometimes, I just could kick myself. I'd written this post, and then somehow before I posted it, I managed to erase it. On purpose too, because I thought I'd already posted it. See, I use a sort of template file where I create my posts offline and then copy and paste into blogger. Gives me the chance to tweak and fuss and then post all at once. Works for me. Or at least I thought it did. I need to come up with a new system so that I don't do that again...some sort of clue to myself whether I've posted it yet or not.

Anyway, what I was going to say in my post was show you my completed Ski Hat and Ski Headband. I know I showed you the hat before, but here's a photo of it with the coat, so you can see how the colors match nicely:

SKi hat with coat

(That photo was taken in our driveway, before we tackled that foot of snow from a couple of weeks ago.)

The first time I'd written this post was before the ski trip...I was saying how excited I was to go. Now, as I have mentioned, the trip was awesome, and so was my hat! I wore it every day, though on that one windy day I had to pull my hood up over my head as well. It was soooo cold, and if you had any little exposed spot the wind would just find its way in.

Unfortunately it was a little too cold for wearing the headband during skiing, and I almost wore it one evening, but then we ended up not going out after all. But here it is. It came out nicely, though as I think I have mentioned, it's very thick since I stitched it on top of a fleece headband. But I still like it!

Here you can see the whole thing...(it sort of stands up on its own!):

Ski Headband

And here's detail of the pattern, which I love. It was so fun to knit!

Detail of ski headband

That's about it in the way of Finished Objects. I am still enjoying my socks, and am also working sporadically on the black sweater. I did two rows of Mimi Verylong last night before bed. (I would have done more but I was sleepy...)

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