At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I haven't been blogging but I sure have been knitting. In fact, I finally whittled down my WIPs from a staggering 8+ or so to 5, which is a number that works for me. One wrap, two scarves, an afghan and a pair of socks. Not too bad.

I've also decided to start concentrating on one at a time, since the reason I have so many WIPs is that I work a little on each and finish nothing. The phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" comes to mind. Kind of how I took to languages in school...dabbled in a few but never became fluent in any. Ah well, I feel at least a little more well-rounded knowing even a little of them.

So, knitting-wise, my current obsession is my Absolutely Fabulous Throw from Colinette. Oh, the yarns. And Oh, the colors. Love it love it love it. Here are a couple of progress shots after one repeat of the yarns/rows:

(This is the Wineberry colorway.)

I am trucking right along on this thing and it's going faster than I'd expected. Although this could be the result of actually focusing on one thing at a time, but well, that's just silly talk.

Actually though, I am realizing there really is a benefit of working on one thing at a time in that I get into the groove of it, and don't forget the pattern nuances if I don't set it down for another project. Plain socks, no problem there. But that Fuchsia Lace Scarf I am working on? It's on hold for the moment but when I pick it back up I'm not setting it down till it's done. Last time I idly picked it up after a break I made a booboo. Same with the Mimi Verylong...there's a definite rhythm to the [K2tog YO] that you need to be in so that you don't forget to do that last YO at the end of the row before the edging. Been there, done that, tinked back. And with that one, you don't realize you've got the wrong stitch count until you've reached the end of the NEXT right side row.

I've updated my sidebar with WIPs and recently completed things, as well as my own page of knitting projects. I am determined to stay on top of these things now.

I am so tempted to get yarn and cast on for Print O' The Wave Stole though. So tempted. I keep seeing it on people's blogs and it is just so tempting. But I know myself, I need to finish a few other things (how 'bout that other wrap I am already working on? There's an idea...) before I can allow myself that.

So there we go. The latest and the greatest.

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