I can't believe I did that


Last night as I was excitedly nearing the end of the heel on sock #2, all geared up to get started on the leg, I suddenly realized that I'd been knitting with the size 0's, and not the size 1's with which I'd done both toes and the other heel. UGH! I was so close...

I realized as I berated myself that this is a common thing with me. Anytime I have to change needle sizes mid-pattern, I find that forgetting to switch needles is something I do more often than I'd like to admit. Anyone else have this problem? I need to come up with some fantabulous idea of how to flag myself...oh, flags! Maybe some of those post-it flags would work...hmm.

Anyway, I held up the heel to the one on the other sock, compared it to the toe...but I decided that I'd rather do it right so I just yanked those needles out and frogged the heel. The upshot of all of this is that I got still more practice picking up live stitches (this time I sat at the kitchen counter and turned the lights up bright, much easier that way let me tell you) and suddenly there I was, back at the start of the heel again. At least this round will be more pleasant to knit; I have to say that the size 0's are a little small for my preferences. Now the 1's feel enormous!

And the only other silver lining here is that this is keeping me occupied (albeit a tad grumpily) till my April kit arrives. I was disappointed not to see a box at my door last night but reminded myself I want to finish the Monsoons first anyway. But I am really looking forward to the new kit. I have a feeling the colors will me more my thing.

And rather than bore you with a photo of a partially finished sock, I give you this:


Laura said...

Sorry about the frogging. Just think how much you are learning with these! Love the cat picture. That is exactly what it looks like Maddie is saying!

Carrie K said...

I always do that. So annoying.