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This weekend I got a sudden urge to dig out my beading boxes and make some stitch markers with some pretty beads I had. I love the ones on the right, though it's hard to tell here, they have a silvery crackle thing going on, and the little bugle beads I added also have a silvery thing going on, so they are sorta sparkly. The other two are just pretty pink beads.

And then I made these with some beads I had from years ago. I am embarrassed to admit that when I bought them (probably over 10 years ago) I had intended to make them into earrings. In fact, I did...but they remained in my bead box. Well, after all this time, I think they found their true calling:

Bears! Aren't they cute? I love bears. And these guys even have cute little faces (if a little blurry thanks to my picture-taking).

Then I spiffed up two of my row counters by adding some beads:

I discovered that those leverback earrings work great for making clip-on markers! I'll be making more of those, that's for sure. I love using clip-on markers to mark the end of a row, especially when using DPNs and the end of the row is also the end of a needle.

I also made this fun little bracelet. These are some cute glass beads I found at Jo-Ann's which inspired me to make a bracelet. It's kind of hard to tell in the photo, but they're pale, pale pink, and one side of the leaf beads has an iridescence to it, as do the other beads. I threaded them on some clear, stretchy string stuff called Stretch Magic. I like how it turned out.

And it got the Moose Seal of Approval, too.

Inside Out Update

As previously mentioned, I totally got back into the swing of working on my Inside Out sock #2. I found myself carrying that sock and its ball of yarn everywhere, just so I could do a few rows of the ribbing and keep the thing moving through the endless ribbed foot section.

Then I made an error in judgement. I can say that I have learned my lesson, however, I don't yet know how I'll proceed. See, I came across a knot in my yarn. I wasn't happy about it, but I realize that yarn is yarn and the people who make it are human, and these things happen now and then. However, I stupidly decided to just carry on, knit past it, and deal with the possibility that it might show. Well, what I hadn't bargained for was the possibility that it might come undone. Which it did. And which I didn't notice until I was quite a ways beyond it.

So my dilemma is this: I am so psyched to just finish the thing that a part of me wants to just try and make the two little tiny ends stable, and knit onward. But the smarter side of me wants me to tink or frog back and fix it properly. sigh. I know that's what I should do. And I do feel differently about it today than I did yesterday, which is why I put it down yesterday and walked away from it.
Anyway, I think I know what I must do...

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Laura said...

oh no. You can maybe just pull out with in the knitting (is that what tink means?) yuck I am sorry. Your markers are cute as can be. The row counters look fantastic!