I'm so excited!! I just had to write this quick post this morning because I discovered something fun, and it is something that I wanted to share with you because you will understand more than my muggle friends. (I did tell my husband and he was kind because he knew I was happy, but he doesn't really get it, ya know?)

So, I was eating my shredded wheat this morning, flipping through channels on TV. We have TiVo, and I pushed the button for the guide that shows what's on right now. Well, as I scroll through, what do I see? Knitty Gritty!!! See, we only have standard cable, not digital, so we don't get the DIY channel, so I thought all hope was lost, and even had a friend record the Yarn Harlot's episode for me (which I still haven't seen because said friend lives in Rhode Island). But much to my delight, I've now found that Knitty Gritty appears to be airing on the HGTV channel. How cool is that?! I've never seen the show before, so I am excited to check it out. I mean, an entire show about knitting? Too fun.


gypsyknits said...

The show is interesting. I rather like it. Of course anything with knitting (including commercials) holds me captive.........LOL

Carrie K said...

It's on Monday, Wed & Fri at 7am where I live and I'm always absurdly happy to see it, even if there's been maybe 3 shows that they had anything I'd knit. But knitting on TV! Awesome.

Hezekiah drinks out of a glass too. Silly kitties.

camillaknits said...

where'd you go?