Temporary fall leaves sock

I know I promised a photo of my soon-to-be frogged Fall Embossed Leaves sock. So I'm here to make good on that.

Here's a photo of it, as far as I got. As you can see, I was almost done!! erg. But that foot section was way too big, seeing as it had a lot more stitches in it than it was supposed to have. But you can see how fallish the colors are...I love it.



Here it is after I reclaimed the red yarn from the toe to start the other sock. This is my homemade sockblocker...a wire hanger! It works great.


So I've decided that this error of mine is turning out to be a blessing in disguise because I am now able to make the socks better. I haven't frogged this one yet but I did start the new sock, with a few improvements.

First, I cast on with bigger needles, and v e r y l o o s e l y. I hope this does the trick, since the first sock really had a too-tight cast on.

Second, I decided to make the red cuff part a little shorter, by three rows. Not much, I realize, but I think it makes it look a little better. My cuff was longer than the pattern called for, even though I did the required number of rows. (Please don't berate me, but no, I don't tend to pay much attention to row gauge. And yes, I know this is going to bite me in the @$$ one of these days.)

The third change I am making is I am going to do one fewer repeats of the pattern. I think the sock was turning out to be too long before.

So, I definitely got my leaf sock knitting mojo back! ;o)


peaknits said...

I hate making trips to the frog pond - but isn't it great to improve on it and learn? If only we could get the benefits without a trip to the pond...I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

Yeaaah --- sock mojo!!!

Can't wait to see the new, improved version. This one was looking good. The new version must be fabulous.

Tanya said...

You know, I think my cuff looked longer than the one in pictured in the pattern. Makes you wonder. Also, it gets "shorter" when it is stretched out to fit your calf (or, at least, MY calf).

I love those colors! Mine are spring socks and yours are fall! Hee!