More punch needle and half a sparkly bag

I'm back with photos of my punch needle project. I haven't worked on it in a couple of days (I haven't even knit much...I don't know where my evenings are going!) but this weekend ought to bring some good crafting time.

So, here's the kit I got for the punch needle project. I got mine at my local Michaels.

Daisy and Dots punch needle kit

As I mentioned in my last post, the whole thing is worked from the back. The design is pre-printed in reverse on one side of the fabric which is then the back of your work.

Once you thread your needle, a scary-looking thing which looks like it could be used to draw blood, (I was trying to find a good photo of the needle online but can't seem to find one...this page has the best explanation of it) then you begin filling in the little sections of the design.

Here's my WIP shot of the back:


And here is what it looks like on the front:


I like it so far! I can see a couple of spots where I didn't fill it in enough, and I could certainly go back and do so, but we'll see how it looks when I get all of the design done. It condenses itself together a bit once all of the sections are done.

Now back to knitting! As I mentioned before, I started the Girl's Night Out purse. I love it!! It's so sparkly and fun! A quick knit, too.

Here's the back of the bag, as an exciting inch-and-a-half of stockinette:

WIP bag back

I already knit the bag front, and love how it came out:

WIP bag front

The bag is shaped in a slight taper as you go up and then you make that fun little flap at the top. The back will be almost the same, except the stockinette on the flap will be reversed so that when it gets flipped over the front to "close" the bag the right side of the stockinette will show (did that make any sense? I'll show pix when it's done).

Anyway, loving the sparkle! It'll definitely be a fun bag for an evening out.

Back soon with FO photos of my Twinkle Toes socks!


Anonymous said...

Cute projects! I love the sparkle on the bag.

Nell said...

Cute purse. It's going to be perfect for a night on the town.

Too Little Time said...

That bag is beautiful! Enjoy - Karrie

Carrie K said...

They're both so cute! I love the beads on the purse.

Knitting Kris said...

What kind of yarn did you use for your purse? ? Tilli Thomas? It's beautiful!