Flower Power...finally

So, guess what I finally dug out?


Yup! My Flower Power STR from the August Rockin' Sock Club kit from last year. I've been seeing these socks all over the 'net and have been wanting to start these forever. I love the colors together...even though I'm not totally crazy about the browns in there. But I realize that I need to branch out from my usual pinks and purples and blues, and this particular combination really appeals to me. Not that I'm a "flower power" 70's type of person, I just like the colors. :)

So this morning when Moose woke me up super early (he was licking the dresser and the hardwood floors...what is UP with that?!) and I couldn't fall back to sleep, I got up and started knitting.


I actually finished the whole lace cuff part. I like it!


I'm debating whether or not I am going to block the cuff at this point...is there a lot of merit to it? Anyone who's made these have any opinion on that?

Well, that's about it from here for now...until later! :o)


Michelle said...

block it now... i didn't and it did not block well after the sock was knit, especially since i was trying not to stretch the sock

Too Little Time said...

This was one of my favorite patterns and I really like the socks. Definately block the lace part now. Once you make it into a circle your going to end up with a crease blocking it. I'm going to try and make another pair and insert beads into the holes make in the lace. Look forward to seeing your pair - Karrie

peaknits said...

I really like how this is knitting up - can't wait to see more!

Nell said...

Why do cats do that?!?!? They are so weird! But then they put their head on your foot to sleep and it's just too cute.

Anonymous said...

The lace looks great!!! I blocked it with an iron and it came out really great. I find that as long as I fold them and lay them flat then I don't have to reblock them after each washing.