Summer of Love Lace

Last weekend we drove north to visit my in-laws, and I had a bunch of knitting time in the car. I finished my Summer of Love Lace Socks! I LOVE them. They're going to be so comfy (when it gets cold out, heh).

Summer of Love Lace Socks

Summer of Love Lace Socks

Summer of Love Lace Socks

I think the cuffs came out rather matchy, considering I wasn't even trying. I love this yarn color so much.

Project Specs:

Pattern: Summer of Love Lace
Size: medium
Needles used: Size 1s (both straights and DPNs)
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts ~ Socks That Rock lightweight
Color: Flower Power
Amount used: most of one skein
Started: 4/27/08
Finished: 6/22/08


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love the color combo.

peaknits said...

The socks are lovely - nice job! We went to our Rush concert on Friday - they rocked the house!! A little too much "new" stuff, I prefer those "veteran" songs:)

Carrie K said...

Theyr'e very cute! Quite matchy cuffs too, nice.

Nell said...

Well done, you! Those are quite pretty socks!

Knitting Kris said...

Oh the socks are just lovely! I've been waiting for them to release this colorway of yarn. I've missed your posts on the blog!
Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Really, really nice! I think you deserve a kitten (or 2) for finishing those!! Hee!

Seriously, though, don't they make you want to turn the AC up so you can wear them around the house?

Too Little Time said...

These were my absolute favs of the year too. Great job on the cuffs - K

Alison Boon said...

Colour of the socks is super nice. Did you make the bag?

gypsyknits said...

Oh, you got them done. YEAH! Mine are still in the skein.
But your socks are beautiful!

Tammy said...

You did an excellent job!