Apparently I am a sheep. Why? Because I could not resist this scarf
and had to follow all of the other people who have made it and cast on
for one of my own!

It's the "noro scarf" that I keep seeing all over the 'net. It's made
from 4 balls of at least two different colors of Noro Silk Garden
which are alternated every two rows. The result is fantastic... I love
how the colors shift slowly and intertwine with each other. So fun!

I decided to get 4 different colorways, two in a pink/purple warm
colorway, and two in a blue/purple cool colorway. (I don't have the
color numbers at hand right now but will share them later.) The colors
in this photo are actually a little muted...imagine them much brighter
and you've got the idea. I love this scarf so far! And the yarn is
softer than I'd expected.

I liked what the Yarn Harlot pointed out about this scarf...no matter
how many people make it there will always be variations. And not just
because people's knitting can vary, but because even if the same
colors are used they will still be a little different! And there are
just so many options out there. I decided to use four different ones
so that nothing at all would repeat even on my scarf.

It's a fun knit so far!


Nell said...

Cool! Isn't it funny that certain projects just take over the knitting world? Cowls and noro scarvves. A couple of years ago it was the chevron scarf.

Too Little Time said...

I haven't gotten bitten by the bug yet, but one never knows when it will bite. Didn't harlot say it took a year for her? :) I can't think of anything but Christmas presants right now.

Knitting Kris said...

Oh my gosh, great minds must think alike, as I'm knitting the same scarf (and have been reading the Harlot's blog, and am powerless to resist the colors of Noro). I agree that the silk garden is MUCH softer than the Kureyon (thank heavens). I have more Noro on the way. I think these will make lovely scarves for next Christmas (notice I didn't say this year).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been tempted by that one, too! Are you doing it in a rib or Stst (can't tell from the photo)? Really, really pretty!!

gypsyknits said...

I,too, had to cast on for this one. I struggled with the colors to choose but I think it will be alright. Knit on!