F.O. update

I need to do some blogging catch-up and I'll start with the F.O.s from over the summer!  Some stuff I've blogged about and some stuff I started and finished during my blog "hiatus".  

You might remember these...they are stockinette socks in Opal Flamingo yarn.  I love them!  They're a teensy bit tight but they fit.  I was working on tweaking my pattern and have now done so and the new version fits better.  Anyway, love these socks. 


And completely by accident, the stripes sorta matched up.  Bonus!



Click here to view the specifics on those socks.

~ ~ ~

Up next is a very exciting photo of some black mittens.  The mittens themselves are just about as exciting, but I really wanted some black handknit mittens to wear with my handknit scarves and such.  These are made from Manos del Uruguay and are thick!  I can tell they're going to be cozy and warm.


Here's my page for those.

~ ~ ~

Now here we have a pair of Fetching mitts.  I wanted to make these to go with my lightweight fall jacket.  I found this yarn (which happened to be the yarn the pattern called for) that matched the coat about as perfectly as possible.  It's Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, and it is lovely and soft.  So even though the pattern warned that one ball was just barely enough to make the pair, I threw caution to the wind and got just the one ball.


Luckily, I was successful.


Here is the jacket in question:


And here, folks, is the teeny bit of yarn I was left with.  They weren't kidding!!


And here are the specifics on that project.

~ ~ ~

Okay, up next is something kinda cute.  I have a coworker/friend who was expecting a baby (she's since had a healthy, beautiful baby girl) and I wanted to make a hat.  I found this pattern on the ball band of a ball of Bernat Baby Jacquards.  It's a little Jester Hat!

I knit it in the round, even though the pattern called for flat knitting, but in my experience self-striping yarn behaves better when it's knit in the round as opposed to flat.  But even with all the stitches it worked fine on 5 DPNs.

For this hat you knit even for a while and then start increasing in four corners and when you cast off you have this:


Then you stitch all the seams at the top and you have this:


Then you make four pompoms...


Assemble, and voila!



Cuteness in the form of a hat!  Here's my project page on that.

~ ~ ~

So that's what I finished this summer and fall.  I have quite a few things on the needles, including some Christmas gifts.  I'll round those up soon and be back to post that stuff!


Nell said...

Cute baby hat! (and everything else) But I'm especially on the hunt for baby knits since everyone I know seems to be pregnant!

Knitting Kris said...

Wow, you pack a lot of FO's into one post! They are all amazing, but I personally love those fetchings (must knit that pattern soon), and the jester hat. What a great use of the self-striping yarn!

gypsyknits said...

Wow! Girl! You've done some major knitting. Good for you. I love it all:).
The hat is absolutely adorable. I must make one for someone.
Love those pink socks too:)
keep on knitting

Anonymous said...

love the hat! You've been busy. Glad you are blogging again.