Gray things

Last night I completed my vest. I had blocked it, along with my gray sweater, and they both came out great. So I just needed to sew the zipper into the vest and now it's complete. I think I might have gotten the zipper a tad bit crooked, but I am not going to worry about it. It was a bit tricky, working with such thick yarn. I am pleased with the overall result of the vest...my only disappointment is that it is really big!! The silly thing is huge. Now here's my disclaimer: this is not because I didn't take the time to do a gauge swatch to test it! I did know it would be big...but I just didn't quite know how big. I will have to see how it goes; I might try to make some little seams along the sides to take it in a little. Right now it has no seams as the entire thing was worked in one piece, so I could feasibly add some seams to take it in a little.

I have moved my picture of the gray sweater up to the next post, so you can do a side-by-side compare of the blocked and not blocked. So head on up there and check it out!

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