Photos of gray things

Okay, I'm back, this time with photos. Didn't really do much knitting last night (although I did finish the top part of my sock, and I am ready to start the heel) but I did remember to take pictures of things.

So here's the Gray Vest. This dark yarn doesn't photograph well but it's a very dark, heathered gray. The yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, and the color is called Charcoal.

The accent yarn that I used on the collar and pockets is called Bernat Galaxy. The color I used is called Deep Space. It is very fuzzy and has big fluffs of fuzz all throughout. Admittedly not the easiest yarn to work with though!

Here is the vest:

Gray Vest

Detail of vest collar

Detail of vest pockets

And lastly, back to the part about blocking. I blocked both the above vest and this sweater. The sweater really needed it because the cables in the top half pulled the whole thing in. So now, hopefully, you can see how it has been improved:

Gray Sweater - Unblocked

Gray Sweater - Blocked

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