Of scarves and hats, and turtleneckwarmerthingys

I am back with some photos. Okay, since it's bright and cheery, let's start with the Pink and Purple Scarf. As mentioned below, this yarn, Plymouth Combolo, is a rather fun mixture of three yarns stranded together. Here's a picture of the three strands laid out:

Strands of Combolo

You can see the strand with the thin part and the poofy things, and then the one in the middle is sort of a braid-type with some silver in it, and then the other thin one with little fluffs in it. These strands all separate on the fringe of the scarf.

And here is the finished scarf:

Pink and Purple Scarf

Last night I officially completed my Gray Double-Layer Hat. I added a little tassel to it since I thought it needed a little bit of oomph. Not too much oomph, just a little. So here's the very exciting photo of the gray hat:

Double Layer Hat

And last (and definitely least), the turtleneckwarmerthingy. Don't really know what to call this thing. Anyway, as I mentioned below, I am not thrilled with its outcome, but such is life. Here's the very exciting photo of it:


(Note added later: gave the turtleneckwarmerthingy to my husband who wore it skiing. He liked it...I think.)

So that's the latest! Still working on the pink mittens, and the multi-striped scarf. And waiting patiently in the wings I have two big projects. A sweater that will be a raglan-style in a lovely dark red (#999), and the yarn is called Plymouth Encore. Here's a sample:

Plymouth Encore, dark red

And the best one is the wonderful Christmas gift from my husband which was an afghan kit full of delightful Colinette yarns, which I can't wait to dive into but am waiting till my current fascination with mittens and hats passes so that I can give it my undivided attention and love.

Oh, speaking of Christmas, I almost forgot. Just before Christmas I was racing against the clock to complete our Christmas Stockings. And here they are, hung by the "chimney" with care. (Okay, okay, they're hanging from the bannister. We do have a fireplace, but no mantle on which to hang stockings.)

Christmas Stockings

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