Stripes, stripes and more stripes

My latest new project is more mittens. Surprise, surprise! I have mentioned below the 6-color striped scarf. These mittens will be made from the same yarns so they will go with the scarf. (The gray double-layer hat mentioned below is also meant to go with this set, but I made that in just gray so I can wear it with other things too. By the way, love the hat! I have worn it and it's toasty warm. I would highly recommend that pattern, found here.)

So for the mittens, since I don't feel like dealing with a row-by-row color change like the scarf, I am making big stripes. A total of 11 stripes, where the dark gray will be surrounding each of the other 5 colors. Here's a rough schematic of the mitten (you can scroll down below to see the actual color samples):

Striped mitten schematicStriped mitten schematic

The way I figured out how to make the stripes all even was to count the number of rows (excluding the thumb part) and divide them by 11. Luckily, my row total came to 65 and it was easy to just add one more row to make it an even 66.

I have started the first mitten and am on the blue stripe. So I am not very far along! But I was away this weekend and this isn't the most travel-friendly project what with all of the yarn that needs to go along. Plus, I have to "share" some balls of yarn with the still-in-process scar

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