Pink pix

The Pink Bag is now complete! AND...I have pictures. :)

As mentioned below, I went to a [brand new and enormous JoAnn's] fabric store with my new pink bag in tow in search of some fun fabric with which to make a lining for it. I happened upon the perfect one, and the pink in the fabric is a perfect match for the yarn I used.

I have never made a lining for a purse before, so I just made it up as I went along. I measured the knitted bag and just sort of made a matching "bag" of the fabric. (Took me a little while to wrap my brain around which way to sew the fabric...I kept wanting to turn it inside out. Did it wrong once, had to start over. Lesson learned.) I then gave it gussets at the bottom to match the knitted bag, and then stitched it around the bottom to the inside of the knitted bag to secure it. I then stitched the top part of the lining to the inside top of the bag, and was very pleased with the result! It's not perfect, the lining's a little skewed, but overall I am thrilled.

So, without further ado, here are some pix!

Here's the bag itself. To give an idea of size, it measures about 9 1/2" by 10".

Pink bag

Here you can see the whole bag, and the lining:

inside of the pink bag

And a close-up of the lining, which I thought was just too fun and too perfect a match!

lining of the pink bag

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