Pink bag completely complete

The Pink Bag is now even more complete! The design of this bag is an open top one. This makes it fun and cute, but not altogether practical since there is no closure to keep things secure. However, another fun thing about the bag is being able to see the coordinating fabric lining. So a zipper would really detract from this feature and hide the lining.

Therefore, I decided to make a small zippered pouch that attaches to the inside of the bag. This weekend I took a piece of the watermelon fabric, a bright green zipper and a snap, and I stitched a little bag that attaches via a small strap to a snap inside the bag. This should be a handy spot for small things like pens and chapstick.

Here is a picture of the bag with the little "dinghy" (a great name for it that I got from my friend Jeanne) hanging out of it. Now the bag is truly complete!

Pink bag with dinghy

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