Second try...

Well, I finally found some yarn that I think will work out for what I need it to do, which is to be carried along with the black sparkly stuff I have (Patons Brilliant) to make the Sitcom Chic sweater. I wandered around several stores, pondering my options. I was about to give up when I found enough in one dyelot of black Lion Brand Microspun that I think might do the trick. I even thought about abandoning the black sparkly sweater and tried to find another nice cotton blend yarn in some fun summer color that would work but no place I tried had enough of one dyelot and I couldn't spot any hiding up on top of the displays.

Anyway, I did find the Microspun and I think the combination of that, which is so delightfully soft and nice, and the Patons Brilliant just might end up being rather nice. That is, if the gauge comes out right! I haven't had time to try a swatch yet but I will soon! More on that later.

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