Bonbon Bath Puff...complete!

Yay! I am happy to report that I have completed something. Woo hoo! My latest finished object is the Bath Puff. And I am very pleased with it so far. That is to say, I like how it turned out, but haven't tried it yet. But here's a pic of it:

Bonbon Bath Puff

I used the Bonbon pattern from Knitty and made a couple of tiny modifications. As mentioned before, I chose not to use the yarn called for, but used a ball of Lion Brand Incredible. That worked out great, and I love the color!

The other thing I changed was how I tied it all up. Instead of using the suggested nylon string, I snagged a zip tie from my husband's stash of handy things and used that instead. That allowed me to get the puff very tightly drawn up in the middle. I also secured all loose ends with it as well as the string with which to hang my newly completed puff.

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