Ready for Fall

Well, it is finally done. Whew. That pesky longways-striped scarf. And know what? I actually like it now. Finished casting off, put it around my neck (I was pleased to see that my calculations for its length worked well, as it is plenty long enough to go around my neck with enough length for holding it in place) and decided it is rather nice and cozy after all. The stripes going that direction are quite fun.

So without further ado...here is the Sideways Striped Scarf:

Sideways Striped Scarf

I had made that double layer gray hat out of the same gray as the darker gray in the scarf. So actually this will be a nice set. Now for some mittens. Truth be told, I tried making a pair of mittens for this set but was rather unsatisfied, as mitten #1 came out WAY too small, even though I used my usual pattern and same weight of yarn as other successful mittens from my past. The only thing I can think of that might have gone wrong is that I might have changed the gauge when I pulled my color changes tight (I didn't have any jogs though!) Oh well. That design I really ended up not liking so perhaps I'll just pick one of those other colors and make some solid color mittens to go. There's a plan.

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