Two socks for two feet

Woo hoo! Another project completed. I am on a ROLL here!! It feels good to be lightening my load of WIPs. This is what I am trying to do with my entire life right now, preparing for The Move. I am, by nature, a pack rat. And naturally, I have collected many things over the years. So it is quite fortuitous right now that my dad was moving at the same time we are (extremely fortuitous considering we got to buy his beautiful house which is now our beautiful house) so this has given me/forced upon me the perfect opportunity to go through every last thing I own, not only what's in my house in preparation for moving, but also what was stored in my dad's attic.

Back to knitting. Here they are...two whole socks. I finished the Striped Socks from this pattern. This project used less than one ball of Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn in the "Purple Pattern" color. Here are some pix:

Striped Socks

Detail of striped sock

Now on to other projects, in between going through crap stuff in the house. I am plugging away at the fuzzy sparkly scarf at the moment, though that is fun to knit and might be nice to save for when it gets cold out (which it is not right now as we have a "tropical air mass" over us at the moment that is making things very damp and sticky. Isn't it September?? September in southeastern PA is normally very nice. Not like this. Sigh. And I've already resigned myself to the fact that we're not going to have a gorgeous fall because of the lack of rain we've had all summer. Oh well. That's what family trips to Vermont are for!)

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