Well I finally have some new knitting to report on! It's been a busy few months...packing, painting, moving...and then the holidays were upon us. I wasn't able to do any knitting except for Christmas knitting, and I finally have something to show for it.

I present to you...Henry's Baby Blanket. We got to meet our brand new nephew Henry, born a week before Christmas. Here is the blanket I made for him. It is just a simple garter stitch square, but in the soft boucle yarn, it came out quite nicely.

Henry's Blanket

Henry's blanket up closeHenry's Blanket

The other project I worked on was a pair of socks for my friend Kathleen. I had made her some a while back. One time I asked her if she ever wore them and she admitted that she had sort of forgotten about them. Some time passed, and randomly on the phone one day, she excitedly told me that she couldn't get enough of those socks I had made her! So I knew I had to make some more. These are made from Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the color Regatta Blue Stripe. I didn't make any effort to make the socks match stripe-wise (mainly because even after finishing the second socks I wasn't entirely sure of the stripe pattern anyway!) but I think they ended up looking kinda cool in their randomness.

Kathleen's Striped Socks

Kathleen's socks up close

Now it's back to other knitting. I have a couple of small accent scarves that I want to work on, and soon I want to begin a hat that is going to go with my ski jacket. I plan to use a pattern called Match My Coat Cap, in Cascade 220 yarn. I found some heathered colors that match my jacket quite well. Should be fun! I'd like to have that ready by the time we go skiing at the beginning of March. Can't wait!

Oh, and I treated myself to a ball winder with a gift certificate I had. Yay. :) Now I want to find yarn for projects that needs winding from hank to ball!

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