Skiing Knitting

I just realized I should probably explain one of my WIPs in the sidebar. That would be the Ski Headband.

Remember the ski hat? Well, I loved that fair isle section so much I wanted to do it again, as a headband. So I did. It's almost complete...I have finished the knitting portion, and now need to weave in the ends and attach the whole thing to a purchased black fleece headband. I think this will work. For a while I was going to abandon the whole idea because this thing's gonna be thick...not only is the fleece headband thick by itself, add to that the fair isle knitting, and it'll be super thick. Warm, yes, but too thick? Maybe. We'll see. But I am still going to complete it, for better or for worse.

And the sock fascination continues. I am now working on some very basic socks with this yarn, the Sockotta 8. So far so good! It's coming out as a mottled blues sort of thing...just a variegated yarn, no stripes or anything. I like it, they'll go well with jeans. The pattern I am using is one I purchased a long time ago, before I ever even made a sock. I decided to try it, though I have already made a modification to use 2x2 ribbing at the top. It is a plain sock pattern, and designed more for a finer sock yarn and size 2 DPNs. My other favorite ribbed sock pattern is better suited for a slightly thicker sock yarn and size 3 DPNs.

Back soon, with more pix and updates!

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