Think Pink

Started some socks. I couldn't stand it, I needed to start some socks. And even this morning I was thinking that I might even start another pair with another pattern I have yet to try. I have only made four pairs of socks so far, two pairs of which I've given away. The ones I have are my lavender socks which were my very first pair, made in a worsted weight yarn. So needless to say, they're not standard socks, they're much thicker. Better as slippers.

The others I have are my Magic Stripes socks which to be perfectly honest I am not totally crazy about. I do like them, but I've also learned from them...they are a bit too big, and the 1x1 ribbing at the top does nothing for keeping them up. So next pair, I'm doing 2x2 ribbing instead, and a little more of it too. I would also try this pattern again only if I used a slightly thinner sock yarn (Magic Stripes seems to be a little thicker than others I have) and smaller needles. But I have another pattern I want to try that might work. Even on that one I'll have to modify the top to do 2x2 ribbing. I am still a relative novice when it comes to sock knitting, and though I love it, I still have much to learn!

But meanwhile, I have started the Pink Socks. I am using a ribbed socks pattern which I adore. The two pairs of socks I made that I gave away were made from this pattern, and the wearer/recipient loves them. So this will be my first pair of my own in this pattern. And I am making them from Bernat Sox in "Pink Hot." I know the yarn is acrylic but I just couldn't resist that color!

I have other sock yarns waiting for their turn, and they are mostly superwash wool blends. I am interested in trying a cotton blend sock yarn too. For some reason I thought that cotton would be less pleasant as socks until I thought about it and realized that most of my store-bought socks are cotton! The only thing is I am not sure how it'll be for knitting since cotton has that non-stretchyness issue. But the wool blend socks (the magic stripes ones) I find are very warm! Almost too warm at times so that's what made me think of the cotton.

I potentially have some good knitting time coming up where small, travel-worthy projects like socks would be ideally suited. They're so great for that!

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