Headed for the frog pond

I have decided that the time has come...to abandon the blue socks. Sadly, the pattern I am using is just not working out for me. The main reason being that I made the leg part too long, so I am going to run out of yarn if I continue. (I got out the little digital kitchen scale and weighed what's left of the ball of yarn...I'm not quite halfway but close enough that I would be getting very nervous towards the end of sock #2.) That's a pretty valid reason for frogging if you ask me. Secondly, for some reason this pattern has you work the heel flap as straight stockinette, not that sl1 k1 thing I am used to. So that was throwing me off, and it felt like I was knitting that heel flap for eons. 29 rows of 32-stitch stockinette. Seemed odd to me. (Not that I have much to go on, as my FO sock count isn't that high yet...) But still. I haven't really tried the thing on yet to see how that heel fits since I haven't pulled out the needles and don't want to risk breaking them by trying it on, but when I do and before I frog, I'll try it on just to see.

But I have high hopes for that yarn. It is creating a nice, random and subtle pattern...and I think it would be very well-suited for ribbed socks. The 2x2 ribbing I did at the top of the sock looked neat, so I am thinking that the next time I pick up that yarn it will be for a ribbed sock pattern.

I am searching around for a self-striping sock yarn though in colors that I like...one that makes actual stripes, not that jacquard stuff. I want to try the Jaywalker socks, and from what I've seen on other blogs, they look cool with striping yarn. Just can't seem to find a color combo that speaks to me yet. I'll find one. Not like I don't have other things to knit in the meantime...

But what is it about that unquenchable desire to start new projects? I think all knitters know that feeling. I get it too...perhaps it's that "novelty" feeling you get when you purchase something new...or a new haircut or something. That feeling that can make the most mundane things seem so fabulously exciting for a while. (Like the new light fixture in our laundry area...um, hello?! It's a LIGHT. But it my defense, it's a really cool halogen, directable light. Lights up all areas of the laundry without being an annoyance to the rest of the family room (laundry is just off the family room). It really IS cool--though I'm over it already.) And it so often wears off quickly. Although some things are good enough to keep that feeling going...and then you know you have a winner. I guess knitting is like that for me...not to say I don't get bored with some projects, but I just can't seem to get enough of it. Last night, for instance, I had about 15 minutes of down time while waiting for dinner to cook. I had something on TV to watch...but I couldn't just sit there. Had. To. Knit. Something.

Which brings me to my next topic...the thing I was knitting. Progress is being made on the black sparkly sweater a.k.a. Sitcom Chic. I have finished one sleeve and am a couple of inches into the second. My only gripe...well, there are two actually...is that the DPNs I am using are very short. 6 inches I think? And size 8s. Makes me feel like I am knitting with hotdogs or something. Especially after all of the socks I've been making. I really enjoy knitting stuff on a small scale (ie, thin yarn, thin needles) so this size 8 DPN business is making me nuts. But I will persevere... Even though I am a 4-DPN-set type of knitter, for this I had to get out needle #5 of the set in order to have enough space on the needles for all of the stitches, since they're so short. I come too close to losing a stitch or two off the end a little too frequently. Oh, and gripe #2? The yarn...two held together...this stuff and this stuff...they don't like to behave. But I'll deal, cuz I sure am liking the outcome.

Oh, and I have another WIP that I started last weekend. Some delightfully mindless knitting...a felted tote. Here's the yarn I am using...one strand of each color held together:

Pinkle Tote yarn

I am interested to see how it will come out when felted. I also have plans for another felted bag, a purse, that I am going to knit soon as well, so that when I get around to the felting I'll do both at the same time. As well as a little extra felting on an other project...a bag that could be a little smaller. I'll report back when I get around to all that.

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