Sense a color theme?

Thought some photos might be in order, especially after that wordy post from before.

I had been wanting to try something lately, but just hadn't gotten around to it. I keep seeing these beautiful beaded stitch markers that people make or that you can buy, and since I have been known to do a little beading myself, I decided I wanted to try. Finally got around to digging out my beading boxes, and also picked up a few pretty beads at a shop, and here's the product of my efforts:

Stitch Markers - misc beads

Stitch Markers - pink fimo beads

Stitch Markers - purple and blue fimo beads

All in all, I'm very pleased with them. It'll be fun now to keep my eye out for more pretty beads that will make nice stitch markers. I like the idea that only one or two beads are needed, so if you find that one, perfect and gorgeous bead, even if it is a tad expensive, it can be put to very good use all by itself.

In other knitting news, I have a couple of WIP shots. Here is the Mimi Verylong I am working on. I am really enjoying it, the yarn is delightful, and the lace pattern isn't too taxing. I am not in any great rush to finish it, and so I am taking my time.

Mimi Verylong WIP

Mimi Verylong WIP detail

Mimi Verylong WIP and detail

At first I wasn't sure what that blue was going to do. The yarn is made up of three colors...a medium pink, lighter pink, and blue. Because the two pinks blend together, their color changing isn't as noticable. But the blue stands out a lot more. So far though, it seems to be following a pattern of making a giant zig-zag back and forth. I rather hope that keeps up. But I'm also not too worried...I know I will love it no matter how it ends up! I just love the colors.

And lastly, a photo of knitting+cat. My two cats are really very good about leaving my knitting alone, though occasionally they show a hint of interest in all that flying string. Especially when winding a hank of yarn into a ball. Or when photographing it on "their" floor:

Maddie and the Pink Sock

Maddie and the Pink Sock

(There was actually another photo where she was sniffing the yarn, but this was a better picture of her, so I chose to post this one!)

Happy Knitting!

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