Frogs abounding

Since I last posted there have been a couple of visits to the frog pond. I have decided that I'd rather re-do something and do it nicely than just settle for something that's so-so. (This however, does not apply to my Fuchsia Lace scarf where a minor boo-boo in my edging is not being fixed. I practically had to sit on my hands in order to keep myself from attempting to fix it, but the realization of the fact that I have no idea how I'd figure out how to rip back a lace pattern and pick up those stitches again--including a twisted-stitch garter edging with mini cables--and figure out where I was in the pattern was what finally grounded me and I told myself that it's okay if there's a teeny tiny boo-boo. I'm the ONLY one who'd ever know it's there...but that fact alone is what's bugging me...still. No, NO! I won't rip it back.) Ahem.

Where was I? Oh yeah, ripping back. Actually this is more of a "starting over" thing. I was marching along nicely on that soft blue scarf, about halfway through when I went to change balls of yarn and found to my dismay that the new ball of fuzzy novelty stuff was vastly different from its counterpart, despite being the same dyelot. erg. I resigned myself to the fact that I simply must start entirely over. The good news is I had gotten three balls, and the other two are the ones that match, but it's all good as I've also learned that two will suffice for the scarf. The third unmatching ball will be used to adorn the matching mittens I plan to make, which won't matter. But I was seeing enough of a difference in the scarf that it was not going to work.

The other project that took a dip in the ole frog pond was the toddler poncho I am making. It was kicking my butt. This is a little poncho I am making for my best friend's older daughter (I made this sweater for her new baby and wanted to take something for the older one when we go visit soon). I am following the pattern for the Yarn Harlot Poncho but of course making it way smaller. I started by choosing a baby/sport weight yarn (I'm using Lion Brand Baby Soft in Bubblegum and then will do a round of Fancy Fur in Party Pink at the bottom...I think this will be cute for a little girl). I had to do some figuring on what size neck to start with. That's where this thing began its determined process of kicking my butt. First I searched online to find out how big kids' heads are and then I used that, rounded up, checked my gauge and decided how many stitches to cast on. Then there was good news and bad news. The good news was my gauge and estimations were right on and the thing was ending up the size I'd intended. The bad news was that I'd way overestimated it. I mean, I want her to be able to wear it now and for a while, but at the same time, I don't want it slipping off her shoulders now. So I debated, tried other tricks like knitting a ribbed edge around the top, all in an effort to save the rather significant part I'd knitted so far, and in the end I decided I must start over with a smaller neck opening. sigh. Once I'd accepted this fact and started over, all was well and I was back in business and happy with it.

I marched onward and then came Part 2 of the frog pond expedition. I figured I was done, and added my garter edging (not the fur stuff yet, thank goodness). I then paused to look at it and decided that in fact this was probably not yet big enough (it's hard to tell when it's all scrunched on those needles!). So at first I tried to crochet around a bit but soon came to the realization that that was not going to cut it. So I frogged. I pulled those stitches out. yikes! That was a first for me, just boldly pulling them out in the hopes that I'd eventually get them back on the needles. Which I did. But not without some angst. Nervewracking, that little process. All those live stitches just waving around, waiting for me to screw up and give the thing a tug and let them all run, run away free. But alas, they did not, and they allowed themselves to be [painstakingly] picked back up and reassembled on the needles. So am back in business. Again.

My last WIP that's listed is what I'm calling my Fibonacci Pillow for my mother-in-law. More on that later! Meanwhile, here's what I made her a few years ago for Christmas, which I've dubbed the "Math Pillow". (She's a mathematician. Make more sense now?)

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