Last night I finished another project, but it is one that will remain under wraps for a bit. It is a gift for a good friend, and I want to wait until I send it to her before I post anything, just in case she decides to go through old emails and finds a link to this blog! So, I'll be back with more on that later.

I am really excited about the first STR Rockin' Sock Club socks...can't wait to get the first package. This will be such fun, like getting a surprise in the mail every two months! This is why I wanted to finish both the above-mentioned gift knitting and the pink fingerless mittens so I have those out of the way before the socks come. I've told myself that I am allowed to wind the STR yarn and cast on for the project the moment it arrives! That's my treat to myself. :o)


Nancy said...

Hi, Carrie! Followed your link from your STR blog post! Not only are you going to be thrilled with the STR packages, but Maddie, your cute cat, will love them, too! You'll need that new couch throw to ward off the weather that's coming this weekend! (I've had enough of this winter garbage here in southwestern PA, Spring and STR! Yeah, cheer!)

Blogless L-B said...

Okay, Carrie, you have a reader, so you have to blog now! ;-) I followed you over here from the Rockin' Sock Club blog! You'll have a blast with the sock club--this is my second year!