Sock progress and Moose meds

First off, I'd just like to say thanks to the suggestions in the comments! I appreciate the ideas. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in the things I'm experiencing. :) And there's so much that we can all learn from each other. I too thought of the idea of using smaller needles, although I was also a little afraid of bending them since I had to really fuss with it. Hopefully sock #2 goes a little smoother.

Our little Moose kitty is doing well, seems very happy with us, although he's still sneezing a bit. I got a little worried on Friday after not seeing a whole lot of improvement and called the vet. But the girl I spoke to (she's one of the nurses there) made me feel better by saying that this is normal and it's a virus so it just needs to run its course and we should keep giving him the meds. The only bad news was we still need to keep him and Maddie separate till the sneezing really stops. Ah well.

Of course, to make things more interesting, my DH is away on a business trip till tomorrow, so I have to give Moose his medicine by myself. I have discovered though that this actually is possible, even though normally it's a joint effort. At least I'm finding that it's possible provided I am dealing with a) a small kitten and b) a small kitten as agreeable as Moose. He's such a sweetheart, purrs his little heart out when you pick him up and then only briefly stops purring while stuffing medicine in his mouth, but then re-starts the purring right afterwards. So sweet.

Normally, my husband holds him, and then I pry open his mouth with my left hand and then put the dropper in with my right hand. But my new solo technique is this: first I prep the dropper with the right amount of medicine, then I go retrieve the Moose. Then I hold him on my chest, and then lean back so he's sort of standing on my chest, then I can open his mouth with my left hand and squeeze the dropper in his mouth with my right. It's not a graceful maneuver by any stretch but it gets the job done! I suppose I could try setting him on the counter or something but then he'd probably wander away. This works so I'm going with it!

I had to share these pictures of Moose...he was sitting on the top of the sofa and started to fall in...he slipped down behind the sofa cushion. Apparently it didn't bother him any!

And even though this looks like practically the same picture, it actually isn't. He got up between the two. But I love his little face in this one:

I'm making a little slow progress on my Inside Out sock. I hung out with Moose most of the evening last night (which meant no knitting) so I only got about a row done when I went up to bed and to spend some time with Maddie.

Anyway, here's a couple of shots of the sock as it is right now. I think I like what the colors are doing...they were very random on the toe and now I have what appears to be a rather regular spiraled stripe going on. I love seeing and hearing about everyone's socks and what each person is getting depending on their gauge. Fun how the same pattern (or not) and the same yarn can yield such varied results. Here's the top of my sock:

and here's the sole:

I've tried it on and I think it's going to fit quite nicely! I'm enjoying working it, but definitely can't work on it for very long stretches of time as it bothers my wrists a bit.

That's it for now from here!


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