Trouble with a capital "M"

This post is not about knitting. Nope. Guess what it might be about?

I came home from work to discover that this...

had done this:

and this:

and this:

See all that white stuff on the floor? Yep, that's toilet paper. Currently Moose's food and litter are in our lavatory that's off the kitchen, and we have him contained in the family room/kitchen area, while Maddie has the rest of the house at her disposal. Anyway, he apparently discovered the fun, spinning toy with long trailing white stuff hanging by the toilet. Funny little troublemaker cat.

My husband got back last night from his trip. I had been telling him all about how Moose was so much trouble when it was just the two of us these past couple of evenings...while I tried to eat my dinner at the coffee table while watching TV, Mr. Moose tried his darnedest to get in my food, stick his little head in my glass of water, scooch my silverware off the table, and was just a nuisance while I tried to eat. I'd set him on the floor or the sofa and he was like a rubberband and would just go right back to my plate. So last night, I wanted to illustrate what I'd been telling my DH about, so we ate at the coffee table. Moose then made me out to be a liar, and was a complete gentleman kitty. Figures!
And in knitting news...there isn't much. I did knit a bit on my Inside Out sock, but there's not much to report. Still enjoying it, still taking my time, still need to knit in the peace and quite of the bedroom.


Laura said...

Moose, Moose, silly Goose. That's what we tell are Bruce the Moose. George is only 7 months, so I recall well this days. Crazy Cat!

Lynn said...

Moose! Sounds like moosie is pissy that your husband was gone. :)