The Intrepid Explorer

It was brought to my attention by Dee that I haven't posted any Moose photos lately. Well, I am only too happy to oblige!

This past weekend we sat out on our screened-in porch for the first time this season. Of course, it had to be one of the chillier days we've had, but we "suffered" through it for a little while and then gave up and decided to eat our dinner inside. Anyway, this was also Moose's first visit to the porch, which to a cat, translates as a giant three-sided window. Oh, the fun of it all! I wanted to photodocument him out there but man, he would not. sit. still. I did manage to get a few decent photos of him (although I'm leaving out the dozens I took where he's a black and white blur and the ones where he left the photo's frame before it even clicked).

The Adventures of The Intrepid Explorer

Here we see our brave explorer surveying the scene about to set off:

Over hill, over dale...

No stone left unturned, no corner left unsniffed.

(I tried to get him to stop moving and pose in front of the pretty azalea, but that was NOT happening. Below you will see that Maddie agreed most willingly.)

I guess I'll sit still for a second...but only a second.

Hmm, what's over here?

and while all this was going on, Maddie supervised:

...and then decided that was too much work and took a nap:

Back soon with some actual knitting content! I finished my blue hat, but for some reason have been less than enthusiastic about getting a photo taken and posting about it. I dunno, maybe because it's a hat and now we're in the middle of May?


Laura said...

Moose is growing! they both are adorable!

Dee said...

Okay .... I got my Moose fix now. Thanks. :-)

Your azaleas are awesome!