Pretty flowers

I love pink flowers. Last year we didn't plant any annuals in our yard, and I wanted this year to be different. So this past weekend I planted flowers. Lots, and lots of flowers. And mostly pink ones. I am lucky to have a sweet husband who doesn't mind if I want to plant all pink flowers. :) I don't have pictures of all of them because they're not too floriferous* (is too a word! I looked it up...) yet, but I am hoping they will be as the nice weather progresses. I planted impatiens, and petunias, and some pretty little things called verbena and alyssum. So pretty. And all pink and purple (of course...).

Here are some of the petunias I put in a pot:

I love this color. It's so vibrant in the sun.

And...our tulips came up! This was our first year planting bulbs, and so far so good.

(* that word was on the description of one of the flowers we got. I thought it was a great word!)

And in knitting news...

What's wrong with this picture?

I am still not quite done with my second Inside Out sock. So close...and yet so far. Last night I made the error of knitting my sock with the ball of yarn still in my knitting bag at my feet...well, I suddenly realized that Mr. Moose was at my feet...and, well, let's just say he made really quick work of this. I swear he wasn't there very long at all. I had to rinse the yarn out (it was all wet and slimy and eeeeew) and leave it to dry. Tonight I will see about restarting this. I am so close to being done, and I just want to move on!


Laura said...

I've been there with the wet and slimy yarn eeeew is right! (mine was from Max You can imagine what a 120pd dog can do to some yarn!) The flowers look great I love floriferous too!

Dee said...

Ohhhhhhh...bad Mr. Moose. Jake (a mini dachshund we babysit) was sitting quietly on the couch one night. I should have KNOWN he was being too quiet. He ate his harness off. I didn't notice till I went to walk him and his harness pulled right off of him. Bad Jakie. ;-)

The tulips are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love pink tulips!

Heather said...

I've already been knitting along and not known about the cat's chewing until the slimy bit hits my hand. Eww!
At least Moose has good taste!