Way behind

Ah, whoops. Time got away from me there. I'm still here, still knitting, just not blogging. Nor have I even been reading other people's blogs, for some reason. Not sure what happened. Well, I guess what happened is that spring/summer arrived and now I have to be a grownup and mow the lawn and weed and water the flowers and things like that. And we've been biking too! Such fun to get out of the house and do fun things on weeknights, but then suddenly it's time for bed and then it's morning and time for work all over again. It's a vicious cycle, this.

Anyway, I've been knitting here and there, though I have no progress pics to share at the moment. Just wanted to pop in here and wave hi. Hi!

I've progressed to the gusset increases on my first Grasshopper sock. (See photos below and imagine it just a smidge longer but looking much the same.) I am still loving it. And still getting used to this toe-up sock business. I am as yet not too confident of when to stop knitting the foot and begin the heel. We'll see if I got it right.

I did finish the main part of the "Whoa! Pink Bag." Still loving that, too. I want to start on the handles soon and get that ready for felting. I might force myself to wait to felt it though because since I have another felted bag in process, I figured I'd felt them at the same time, to conserve water a little.

So, that's the latest from here! Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend!


Laura said...

Keep enjoying the weather! Can't wait to see the Whoa pink bag!

Nell said...

I'm curious about the pink bag as well. Can't wait to see it felted.

Tanya said...


Not that you asked for my help.... I suggest trying the sock on and pulling it "snug" to measure. I did this and started the gusset when it was 3" (pulled snug, not tight) from the end of your heel. Note: I like my socks snugger. Can I say snug again?!?

They look great!

camillaknits said...

Love your pinky-orangey-ness... that's the colors that jump on needles around these parts as well. Keep blogging; if other people are out there typing to themselves, it'll make me feel a bit saner..*wink* Cami

Lynn said...

I blame it on good weather! I've been sitting outside while the kids play and I knit. :)
Hope you are enjoying good weather!