One grasshopper

I finished my first grasshopper. Yay! I like it. I still love the yarn, the colors, the softness. The sock fits pretty well...it's not the tightest sock I've ever made, but I'm not particularly picky about such things. So, I like it! And I'm not one to suffer from Second Sock Syndrome*, so I'll cast on for that one of these days. I actually like doing the second sock better because a), I'm more than halfway there, and b) I like having all of the fussy details worked out already like gauge, number of rows, etc., and I know what the end result will be.

I loved how this heel was worked...a toe-up version of the heel flap heel. Up till now I'd only done top-down socks this way, and I found this to be rather magical somehow.

My first time casting off I made the error in judgement of not following the technique in the pattern but instead just did a normal bind off. Well, bad idea. I could barely get the thing over my heel, and then needless to say it didn't go very far up my leg, either.

So I tinked back my cast off and then decided to follow the instructions included in the pattern for a sewn bind-off (scroll down on that page). Very cool! Here's a [not very good] close-up of it.

Anyway, it was much stretchier and worked great. Also a more fun cast off, if you ask me. Might be using that one more in the future, particularly for toe-up socks.

OH, and by the way, I'd mentioned something in one of my recent posts about a picot edge bind off, and I found one! Same place (sorta) I found the sewn bind off article, was this article with decorative bind offs. Good to know!

And because I haven't posted any photos of Moose lately, here we are. In this picture, he was sitting like this for a long time (while I dissolved in giggles). What he was looking at was the CD player which is on the shelf above him. Any time he hears us open the tray where you put the CDs, he comes running to sit below it and peer up at it. It's kinda funny.

And here we are, Mr. Moose sampling some water from my husband's water glass. One can never leave a beverage glass unattended anymore.

*Those of you who might recall my mentioning my little Knitting/Muggle Glossary may think I had forgotten to do it. Nope, it just got set aside. So, while nowhere near complete yet, I have decided to start linking to it where possible. Just to prove I didn't forget completely. :)

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