Baby shower gifts

As I've been yammering on about lately, I have a baby shower to attend/host for my sister-in-law. And as a Knitter, to me the words "baby shower" just say "GO, go now and knit something cute!" So that's what I did. At least I think it's cute, and I'm pretty sure my sister-in-law will too. She likes to make things herself, so she has an appreciation for things handmade, and that makes it all the more fun to make things for her.

These are the invitations I made. The little beach ball is a clip art which I printed onto the cards with my computer printer (my other sister-in-law with whom I am hosting this wants to do a baby-boy-beach theme for the party since the mom-to-be lives in San Diego). The invitation bit in the middle is a rubber stamp I have, which I stamped using embossing powder. (Here is an explanation of how it works, which while it does not have photos, explains the process pretty well.) Then I punched a zillion little holes and threaded the ribbon around. (Oh, and the little hole punches? We're STILL finding those all over the house.)


Now on to the knitting. First up is the sweater, Devan from Knitty. Yarn is Sockotta in color #605.


I love the little square buttons I found for it, too.


Then I just had to make some booties to go with the sweater. The pattern for those is Saartje's Bootees. These were very quick to knit and the end result is satisfyingly adorable!


Here's the set:


In addition to these items, I also sewed some little embroidered decals onto some "onesies." I think they came out cute too:


I think the bees are just too cute...I've had the pile of these sitting on my dresser (unreachable by the cats) and every time I walk by I see the little bees smiling at me. I love the lion too.

So, we're off soon for a family visit and the shower. Back to the blog in a few days!


gypsyknits said...

OM Gosh! The sweater and booties are absolutely adorable. Well Done! She's gonna love them.

Tanya said...

WAY behind on my bloglines here!! Oy!

Isn't it the best when people appreciate handmade items? I'm lucky in that repect, too.

LOVE the sweater and the booties (I've made 2 pairs of these and they are so wonderful!