No RSC spoilers here

For anyone stopping by who hasn't gotten their October Rockin' Sock Club yarn yet, have no fear! I won't breathe a word...except that I got it in the mail yesterday and I like it! Both the yarn and the pattern look neat. I'm way behind on those RSC projects at the moment...having not even finished my June kit Solstice Slip socks yet! Ah well. I decided that I just wasn't happy with trying to rush and finish each of them before the next kit arrived. I'll definitely do them all, and in order and as intended with yarn and pattern (I'm a little neurotic like that)...and will cast on for the August socks as soon as the June ones are done. Just not going to worry myself with it is all.

I've also made a resolution to only knit only things I want to knit, and only if I am having fun doing so. If I'm not having fun, into the frog pond it goes! Let me just say too, I still love the fall socks I am working on even if I have to frog the whole thing. It's a little disheartening to have to start all over, but that's okay. I do love to knit after all! And once I take a break from it, I'll be excited to start it all over again. I decided I might get back into it by starting sock #2 before frogging the first one...see if I can't master a looser cast-on.

OH, and I did recently get a nifty tool that will make following the pattern chart a lot easier...the Chart Keeper from KnitPicks. Very cool! It comes with four magnetic strips that hold your paper in and which you use to keep track of your rows. It has a strap that holds it closed with magnets and can be folded back around while it's open to hold it that way (like in the photo on that link). Anyway, I like it.

Last night I needed to knit something super simple, so I worked on my basic socks in gray Trekking. It was kind of refreshing to knit something without a pattern for a change. I might need to knit a hat or mittens or something else quick and simple too, just for the instant gratification!

But...I now have my eye on this:

It's a blanket from Patons that I got a link to in their latest e-newsletter. (I can't find it on their website, so email me if you want me to send you the link.) It uses ten different Patons SWS yarn colors, 5 solids and 5 self-striping. I am so tempted!! It looks so cozy...you knit it in four strips of 5 blocks each...each color gets repeated twice, and the solids have a simple pattern and the stripes are just stockinette. I put the list of yarns needed in my purse and figure anytime I'm near a store that sells it I'll pop in to see what they have. You can never have too many blankets, right? Especially with oil prices the way they are these days!! This winter we'll be keeping the heat down and the blankets handy. :o)


peaknits said...

I think I like the latest STR too:) And the Patons blanket is great for fall!

Tanya said...

I really like the new RSC kit. I'm a little behind, too. I haven't done #4 (August) yet. Did you sign up for 2008?