Time Out

Argh! My Fall Embossed Leaves sock is in Time Out. Why? Because I messed up. Waaaaaay back at the gusset, I didn't decrease enough for the foot...but then I proceeded to knit the entire foot, and didn't discover my mistake until I started decreasing for the toe. *sigh* So, the sock is in time out right now until I decide what I am going to do.

See, I'd definitely just rip it back to the gusset and restart from there if that was truly the only problem...but...in all honesty, my cast-on was a little tight as well. A part of me knew this and didn't want to admit it, but when I tried the sock on I knew I couldn't deny it. So now I figure I'll rip it back and start all over...and I am annoyed with myself and consequently my sock so I needed to walk away from it! Which also bothers me and makes me sad because it's my fun fall project in honor of all the pretty colors out there, and I'd like to have them done...but now I've lost my steam.

I should just go back to knitting something else for a little while (like my Solstice Slip socks which I still haven't finished!), but I also don't like to leave things unresolved. Oh well. I'll try and remember to take a photo of it before I frog it!


Laura said...

Truly Carrie I cannot even tell you how many projects are in time out for me! You know if you are not going to be happy you are going to have to rip the whole thing consider it some sort of rebirth yeah that's it rebirth of a whole new sock!:)
(I am sorry about the frogging!)

peaknits said...

I just had to frog a Jaywalker from the middle of the foot that I was making for a swap - I could have screamed - but instead - like you, am taking a time out - after taking a picture and ripping the darn things out!:) I empathize fellow knitter!

Tanya said...

So sorry to hear about this setback. I have various projects in time out due to waning interest or frustration. You are not alone!