Christmas progress

Hats are coming along...slowly. I have almost completed my FIL's hat, and here's a WIP shot...although I'm further along than this now:


I'm almost done with that, and once I am I'm moving back to my husband's hat. Then it'll be this yarn for my MIL's hat:


For my friend's gift, I have decided not to try the Anemoi mittens now, I just don't think I'll have time to do them before Christmas, and I want to take my time and enjoy them. So I've rustled up this yarn from the stash for some socks for her:

Copy of regiabluegraysock

She's not one much for the crazy colors of socks, so I think this will be perfect for her. I plan to make ribbed socks, she likes them for their stretchyness.

Okay, sorry for the boring update, but I need to get back to my Christmas cards and knitting!


Tanya said...

OH! I love that Regia! Can't wait to see those done up!

Too Little Time said...

Really like the sock yarn!! Your a brave girl starting socks 14 days before christmas, hope she has small feet! Hats are coming along nicely - Happy Knitting - Karrie

gypsyknits said...

The socks will be nice. Are you planning on staying up all night with this knitting? LOL