Well how about that...

...I finished a sock. Just one, but still. And I even got outside to take pictures in the sun!

I give you Twinkle Toes the first:


And picot cuff the first:


Fits great, and I like how extremely colorful it is! And the picot edge is quite satisfying. I'll probably start the second sock tonight.

I've also completed the little finishing details on (and have finally taken a photo of) my DH's hat, the one I was going to make him for Christmas but decided to wait for his early March birthday, along with some matching mittens. The knitting on the hat has been done for some time, but I finally got around to the weaving of ends and such.



I rather like it. And yes, I added a little braid/tassel thingy. I figure, if he doesn't like it, it's a quick and easy removal, and my feelings won't be hurt. But see, back when I was making his dad's hat for Christmas, I asked him if he thought a tassel would be nice on that one. He did think so, and although I ended up not putting one on there, his reply did serve to nicely answer my question regarding his own hat! heh. So we'll see what he thinks of it.

In other WIP news, here is that pink hat I've been working on. I haven't been knitting this at any great rate of speed...it's one of those sentimental projects that even though I want to be able to wear it, it's such special yarn and I love knitting it so much, I almost don't want it to end! I know, I'm a little silly. :P I'm just savoring it, I guess.


And here is a really, really exciting photo of the WIP cuff of one of DH's mittens. And not just that...a cuff of a gray mitten. I know--fascinating.


But, I am off now to go work on it, since DH is outside right now with a friend installing a garage door opener! We have a two-car detached garage, and it never had openers. In fact, usually one half is so full of lawnmowers and tools that only one car lives in it. That's DH's, which is fine with me. But he recently moved the mowers out behind the garage under a tarp so there isn't as much crap in there...and tonight we're expecting snow, so guess who else is going to park her car in there tonight?! yep. It'll be such a luxury to not have to clear my car off before heading off to work tomorrow morning!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks great. Isn't it great to have a fantastic yarn to savor. Don't rush it. Just enjoy the knit. If it doesn't get done this year, there is always NEXT winter.

Too Little Time said...

Very nice FOs and WIPs - love the hat for DH. Enjoying your pink is great... how often do we rush through a project so its done.

Nell said...

That sock is super cute! I love the picot. Hmmm.... food for thought.

And it's the little luxuries of not having to clear off your car that always make me the happiest.

peaknits said...

The picot os sa-weet! I love that cuff but rarely remember to use it, and it's a little extra futzing - then I see yours and realize, I need to futz more:) Your DH's hat is nice, love the colors and stripes!

Lynn said...

Ah the glory of an indoor parking spot!!

Anonymous said...

Look at all that knitting! Thanks for sharing the eye candy!

Too Little Time said...

Thanks for stopping by -- please use the pattern - I cast on 16 stitches and than did just a basic stitch pattern - yes those are short row heals - I tried a traditional heal flap on one but didn't like the looks (green and beige)... and how observant of you yes those are STR 07 colors. Did you sign up for STR 08? I am several kits behind but hope to catch up some day. K

gypsyknits said...

Oh, the sock yarn turned out great! I only did a swatch to see out would work but your sock has done a wonderful justice to it. Good job, Carrie.
The hat is very manly and I love the colors. WEll done!

Anonymous said...

All of your projects are nice, but that fuscia lace scarf is AWESOME!