Yarn haul

Back with some promised photos of WIPs and my Christmas yarn haul!

First I'll start with the yarn my sweet, sweet, wonderful husband gave me for Christmas. I did give him a Christmas list with some ideas of things that had been on my wishlist for some time...and he came through big time!

This is a recycled yarn that looked fun...it has a ton of pretty colors in it and I thought it would make a really fun accent scarf:



Then, I'd spotted a pattern (somewhere that I can't find anymore) for a cabled scarf using this yarn, called Karaoke. The scarf is narrow and the color changes gradually from pink to purple throughout the scarf. And I loves me some pink and purple! :) (It's a little hard to see the color change in this photo, sorry.)


Then there's this, the Girl's Night Out kit. I love this yarn!! It's Tilli Tomas Disco Lights, in this beautiful pink. I am definitely starting this one soon since I thought it would be a fun purse to use when we go out for dinner for Valentine's Day.



So, even though I picked out the above things, I am almost even more delighted with the following yarns...that my DH picked out himself. It was a yarn set that the shop had put together and he got it for me, knowing that anything pink and purple would make me happy...and it did!

The yarns, from left to right, are:
Claudia's Handpainted merino wool
Blue Sky Alpacas alpaca/silk
Artyarns Regal Silk


Aren't they pretty? The website suggests putting them all together in a fun scarf, and I think that might be what I will do. I am thinking a long-ways scarf in garter stitch, a few rows of this, a row or two of that... We'll see what comes to mind!

Then, my awesome sister-in-law found me this beaded scarf kit:



The yarn is a lovely light blue boucle. I started the scarf with the pattern as intended, but ended up abandoning the drop-stitch pattern and am just doing a ribbed pattern, and adding the beads. It's fun! This is the first beaded knitting pattern I've done, and I am enjoying it.



So that's my Christmas yarn haul! Pretty sweet, huh? Now on to the stuff I got recently that I mentioned in my last post. I got this yarn at Gypsyknits.

This is the two-color set I got called Creamy Neopolitan:


It really does make you think of ice cream, doesn't it?

And here is the one called Christmas Twinkle Lights, which I've started knitting with.



Here's my sock, and my first picot edge! I'm calling these my Twinkle Toes Socks, in honor of the yarn name.


I love the picot edge...although it's going to take a little more practice till I get completely used to it. I did forget to switch to one-size-smaller needles for doing the first half of the cuff, but I don't think I did it any major harm. We'll see. Next time I will try to remember to do that. I think I'm going to make the socks a little shorter than others I've made, so hopefully they'll just sort of stand up on their own, since the picot cuff isn't at all stretchy, as far as holding up a sock goes. Here's the sock where it stands now:


So far I like this sock...the yarn is nice and soft, and the colors are knitting up fun...I think this yarn has every color possible in it! :)

One more WIP to share with you, the white and pink hat I mentioned. I love how this is coming out too...


The thick-and-thin qualities of the yarn are adding a lot of depth to the fabric of the knitting.


Lastly, referring back to my last post below, this is the swift I don't want anymore. Anyone interested? Anyone know someone who might be?



Oh wait, one more "lastly"...this morning we were in the family room and heard a ruckus in the kitchen...DH went to investigate and found this:


SOMEkitty had opened the cupboard door, gotten himself some paper towels out, and was playing in them. The pink thing peeking out from under him in the next photo is a drinking straw...perhaps his most favorite toy. If you have a drink with a straw in it, fuhgettaboutit! In about .5 seconds that straw will no longer be yours, and you have to keep moving your drink in order to hang on to the straw for that mere .5 seconds. Crazy critter.



Lynn said...

Holy cow that's a haul! And it is nice to get what you 'want', but to have something someone you love pick out something for you that you didn't even know you 'wanted' is so much better! (Did that make sense?)

peaknits said...

Yowza nice haul indeed - I so want to try some of the Tilli Thomas - it is gorgeous and for Valentine's Dinner, perfect! Love the kitty - loos so innocent!

Anonymous said...

I want to come live at your house. You have great STASH!!!

Looks like Moose is in need of a "time out" for bad behavior. LOL

Nell said...

That's a lot of yarn you lucky duck! And your kitty and my kitties have a lot in common!

Too Little Time said...

LOVE the yarns - espeically the pink for the purse and the boucle with beads - I have yarn and beads but haven't put it to needles yet. Also the pink hat looks really pretty. Look forward to seeing your progress - Karrie

gypsyknits said...

WOW! Carrie, that husband was very good at choosing your gifts. A knitter who loves pink is a knitter after my knitting needles....LOL

I have some of the SWS in the same colorway.

tsk tsk on that cat...hee-hee Mine chase after milk bottle caps. Best entertainment yet for a cat. Enjoy that knitting.

ps I love how twinkle toes is turning out.