So, since I finished all of my mini sweaters and DH's hat and mittens and that sparkly pink bag, I decided it was okay to let myself cast on something new.

Oh, the possibilities!!

I decided to get out this ball of Noro I'd picked up and try my usual roll-brim hat.


But I got to the crown will about 12 rows still to go and was out of yarn. I ripped it out, and wound it back into a pretty yarn cake (these will never cease to amuse me which is why you're seeing another photo of the yarn...hehe...but you can see the pretty colors better).


Anyway, I have been wanting to make a Foliage hat for some time, so I just went ahead and cast on. I figure a hat that doesn't use up as much yarn with a roll-up brim might just make it with this ball of yarn. But if worse comes to worst, I have a couple of other similar-colored leftover balls I can use. But I'm hoping it'll work.

So, here's my hat-in-progress, which is hard to see all scrunched up, but if I try to stretch it out I am in danger of letting the stitches off the ends.


So far I really like it, both the pattern itself and the yarn. I think even with the color changing of the yarn and the patterny knit, I still think it's working. The pattern is really fun...so far, I'm really enjoying it.

Well, dinner's ready, gotta run.


Lynn said...

It's adorable!

I can't wait to see it finished. :)

Knitting Kris said...

I love yarn cakes, and Noro makes such pretty ones! I absolutely love your Girl's Night Out Purse! So pretty, and perfect for that yarn! :)

Dee said...

Such a pretty color. One of these days I need to break down and get some Noro.

Too Little Time said...

That is a really pretty hat! - K

peaknits said...

I love the Noro in cake - so pretty! And the Foliage - what a great choice, I wouldn't have come up with that - and it is fabulous!

Nell said...

I never would have put that pattern and that yarn together. But it's turning out so beautifully! Great job! Way to be creative!