Girl's Night Out Purse

Hooray for sunshine! It's been so gloomy and rainy and yuck around here that when it was finally sunny (a couple of days ago) I was so much happier. And since it was finally sunny out, I got some better photos of my sparkly pink bag. I've even already used it, it was awesome! It's small but the perfect size for money and lipstick and such.

Here is the whole bag:


And here in this closeup you can really see the sequins:


As I was trying to describe previously, this is how the flap works...the front side is worked in reverse stockinette so that when it folds down to the front side, it's right side out. And then the back is worked normally, so that when that is folded over it's the right side facing...make sense?


Anyway, as I said, I love this little bag! I'm really happy with how it came out, and the little sparkles just entertain me to no end! Oh, I did make one modification to the pattern, which was that I didn't do the i-cord all the way around. I just didn't think it needed it, the seaming came out neat and with enough structure.

Specs on this project:

Pattern: Girl's Night Out ~ kit
Needles used: Size 5 & 8 straights; Size 3 DPNs
Yarn: Tilli Tomas Disco Lights
Color: Hope
Amount used: most of 1 skein
Started: 1/26/08
Finished: 2/12/08

That's it for the F.O.s hereabouts...I started something new and will be back with photos on that later!


peaknits said...

What a sweet little purse! I love it! Now, let's hear about that night out ;)

Lynn said...

Ooohhh sparrkllly! ;)

Too Little Time said...

How pretty! K

Nell said...

Gotta love the sparkley!