That is how I would describe the weather hereabouts today. It was snowy and icy yesterday, and overnight it got warmer and started raining to beat hell, and now the area has turned into a giant puddle. bleh.

So...I finished my Sparkly Pink Bag last night...love it! Although due to the aforementioned craptastic weather, I have no photos to share. The ones I took inside were just not doing it justice, so patience shall have to prevail.

I've also been cranking out other little things...but, again, since a couple of them are surprises and my friend might stop by I cannot spoil any Valentine secrets. Soon though. ;)

In other news...the other day I got a call from my best friend with one of the greatest compliments that a knitter can receive: she was a little afraid to tell me...but she needed to report that she'd worn holes in the socks I'd made her. Yay!! This means she loves them!! Of course, I already knew she loved them (this is why best friends are awesome...they tell you the truth) but to know that she loves them enough to have worn holes in them? That's just awesome. :) I think she was a little surprised that I was not upset but in fact took it as a compliment and was pleased to hear it. heh. And what's more...she raved about them and even said that she'd love it if she had an entire drawerful of my socks! How cool is that?! Definitely made my day. I gotta get knitting on the socks! Up till now I've made her just ribbed socks in rather tame colors...but she said she'd be up for some brighter ones in patterns, too.

That's all for now. Back soon with photos.


Dee said...

Can you fix her socks? I haven't tried it on any that I've worn holes in, but I'm thinking about trying it the next time.

Glad she likes her socks!

Too Little Time said...

I was thinking the same thing as dee - can you fix socks? I'm also persuing this idea cause Joshua's feet are growing faster than I can keep up and I hate to put all that time into socks for him to outgrow them. I was thinking of unraveling the toe, ticking back and addit yarn... who cares if it matches exactly. I've also done the "afterthought heal" which would allow one to replace a heal too.

Looking forward to seeing your FO's - K (p.s. the weather stinks here too. My DH was nice enough to remind me I chose to move back)

peaknits said...

Our weather is icky too! What a great complient indeed - you are a good friend!

Carrie K said...

That is indeed very awesome.