Happy Valentine's Day! Well, day after... I'm not usually an over-the-top valentine person, but this year I had some fun with it. I brought some chocolates in to work for my coworkers and also made a couple of knitted valentines for a couple of friends.

But first off, here's what my sweet husband gave me:


And this awesome-smelling candle, Velvet Petals:


It's PIIIIINK!! :)

And this is what we had for dinner last night...heart-shaped ravioli!


Here they are cooking:


Fun, and tasty too. We decided to stay in last night and enjoy a nice, simple dinner at home, and tonight we're going out to one of our favorite restaurants...The Melting Pot. It's a fondue place, and soooo tasty and fun! We like to go there for special occasions. (I'm planning to use my Girl's Night Out bag, too. :)

So now that Valentine's Day has passed I can finally share with you the knitted valentines I've been alluding to which I made for a couple of friends.

But first up is the adorably cute valentine my friend J gave to me:


Isn't that pretty? I love, love, love the colors...pink and purple and silver sparkles! So cute. Here's another shot (without flash):


Isn't that great? I love the little tiny pink heart button, too. :) She made all these awesome valentines for her friends and she is the reason I was inspired to make a couple of my own, in my preferred craft.

So this is what I made for her:


I had such fun making this. I had limited valentiney colors available to me in my sock yarn leftovers stash, but this one fit the bill perfectly. I used the same mini sweater pattern from before, and then I added some Xs and Os around the bottom of the sweater using red embroidery floss and white beads, and then made the red and white wire hanger.


I found the little heart in some scrap paper and cut that out, punched a hole in it, threaded it onto the string and attached to the sweater. I wrote a little (tiny!) message on the back. I wanted to make a special valentine for my friend since she is always thinking of me and giving me little goodies here and there. :)

And then I made another one for another friend at work...she's become a good friend too and gives me little things now and then, so I wanted to make her one as well, knowing she too would appreciate it. These are a bit of work, but the fun type, and totally worth it for the right people!


I added a little heart tag to this one too:


For little tiny sweaters they went over big! That warmed my heart. :)

That's it for my Valentine's Day report...I know I still owe you photos of the Girl's Night Out purse and my husband's hat and mittens. Soon, I promise!


Dee said...

Cute valentines!

I've never seen valentine shaped ravioli. Glad they were yummy too.

Too Little Time said...

Those sweaters are sooo very cute!!!! I am totally inspired and have to get on the stick to make one. They seem like they would be perfect knits for work to. BTW - after reading a couple of posts - the small type isn't a problem at all and the color is great on the eyes.

Chat soon - Happy V day - Karrie

Nell said...

Ohhh! I love Yankee Candle! I went to college about 20 minutes from the factory. We used to go there and shop for candles and Christmas goodies. But after a while, your head would start to hurt from the scents!

Knitting Kris said...

Your little sweaters are great! I love the extra details you added too! :)
And the heart-shaped ravioli - they are awesome! Hope they tasted as good as they looked!

peaknits said...

Oh, I want some of those raviolis! Perfect! Your little sweaters are darling! I am also a Melting Pot - fan, yum!