6 Things Meme

I was tagged by Gypsyknits for a meme! (Sorry it's taken me so long to do this...!)

Here are the rules for this one:

Post the rules on your blog.
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List six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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Okay, here goes:

1. I don't think I will ever dye my hair when I start to go gray. Luckily for me, I only have one gray hair at the moment (that I can find...)

2. I make a very detailed "trip list" for every single trip I go on. It is an Excel spreadsheet, and each time I'm going somewhere overnight, I copy the previous list and updated it as necessary. I include everything on it right down to little details like dental floss! I have specific lists for when we go camping or to the shore or skiing. My husband makes fun of my lists, but hey, who's the one who doesn't forget her pajamas?! ;)

3. When I put on my shoes, if I've been walking around in my socks, I have to wipe my feet on my leg before I can put my shoe on, in case there's something stuck to the bottom of my foot. If I see someone else putting their shoes on without doing this, it bugs me!

4. I have to carry my purse on my right shoulder. It feels very awkward if I carry it on my left.

5. I am a "purse-aholic." I love bags, and purses, and have a closetful of them. This is a good thing though when I'm in need of a knitting bag!

6. I used to have a big white cat named Pamuk. His name was the Turkish word for "cotton." He was my first cat and was my buddy, and I loved him so much. He passed away suddenly a year and a half ago while we were away on vacation, and I was beside myself, so upset. I still miss him.

He was my welcoming committee every day when I came home from work and always snuggled with me on the edge of the bed every morning while I woke up.

Pamuk on the bed

He was a huge fluffy white kitty, weighing in around 22 lbs! Here you can kind of tell how big he is...he's sitting next to Maddie (this was a rarity), whom I consider to be a fairly "normal sized" cat at around 12 lbs. He wasn't fat, just big! He had big paws and and a big wide head (better for petting) and was long too.

Pamuk and Maddie

I love this picture...he was big enough that he'd make the chair recline by itself. (Kindly disregard the icky old brown chair...we finally replaced it.)

Pamuk on the recliner

These photos are at our old apartment, where the kitties would like to sit by the window.

Pamuk and Maddie by the window

And please excuse the photo of a bathroom, but this has a funny story to go with it...see, at Christmastime we had to move our papasan chair in order to make room for the Christmas tree. So we stashed it in the guest bathroom tub behind the curtain. Well, this was Pamuk's favorite chair, and one day when we couldn't find him, something made me look here:

Pamuk in his chair

He was in there, behind the curtain, in his beloved chair. hee! To me he kind of had a look on his face as if to say, "I can't believe you put my chair in here!"

There you go. I know that wasn't really a "non-important things/habits/quirks" about me, but I wanted to share him with you. I guess you could call the fact that I was crazy about him one of my quirks. :)

So now I'm supposed to tag people...I think I was one of the last to do this meme, so I'm just going to cop out and "tag" anyone who wants to do it! But thanks to Gypsyknits for tagging me. :)

Oh, and I swear this blog will have knitting content again soon!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo of him in the papasan chair. Your are right ... he does look a little put out that it's in the tub!

Nell said...

That's hilarious!!!

peaknits said...

Oh my gosh the best part of the post is that cat - he is gorgeous and so full of himself all at the same time! (I think I may have his twin - not in looks so much as attitude) I love him in that chair in the tub - he looks like, "of course I'd be in the tub - it's MY chair!" Thanks fot the laugh today - one of those days - I really needed that!

Too Little Time said...

He was so pretty - I "lost" my baby about...... wow 7 years ago now. He was my baby before my babies and I miss him still. Even with many "replacements". - Thanks for sharing - Karrie

Carrie K said...

That picture of him in the bathtub in his chair is utterly priceless.

I'm with you on #1 and #3!

Did Lost make you cry last night?

Heather said...

Kitties are awesome!