Favorite Aunt-in-law Hats Follow-up

As promised, I'm here to report back on the Favorite Aunt-in-Law hats! On Monday, I received in the mail two lovely handwritten thank-you cards from my husband's aunts to whom I'd sent the hats. They were very appreciative and seemed to really love them...one aunt said that this was the first hat she'd ever had that really fit her! They both really seemed touched, so that pleased me to no end. :)

Funny thing is, neither one of them seemed to pick up on the jokey game side of it! Neither one made any reference to it, although one did say that I am her "favorite niece-in-law"...hee...but I think that was more in response to the "favorite aunt-in-law" note I'd put on the tag. I also don't know whether at this point if either one knows the other got a hat too...that family is close-knit (ha! pun not intended) so I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

Anyway, it was still fun to knit for them and I am glad they liked them so much!


peaknits said...

I am sure they are writing in their "mental notebooks" what a favorite you are! I love a handwritten note...it's a lost art.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they won't say anything to the other because they wouldn't want to make the other one feel bad...hee. Then they'll show up at the same place with the hats on and....
Yes, handwritten notes are great to get. I have to admit that I don't send them often enough.